Smart Cities + Mobility

At Wildebeest, we are strong advocates of the fourth industrial revolution that is reinventing global cities.

The new landscape of big data and intelligent systems affords cities the opportunity to run smarter and more efficiently, while improving the quality of life for their citizens. 

Smart cities initiatives impact everything from power generation and distribution, mobility, traffic patterns, and even crime and refuse collection. On the back of these developments, new industries and business models are rapidly emerging.

The Wildebeest team has rich prior experience contributing to this new fabric through our previous work with mobility segments such as rail, providing big data sets for consumer mapping applications, and leading digital transformation for travel companies.

Smart Cities companies are looking to:

  • Brand and position their product offerings as quickly as technology evolves
  • Build a robust inbound marketing and communications strategy
  • Reach new industry partners and audiences
  • Devise deliberate thought leadership and content to elevate their brand and cut through the noise

Marketing services for Smart Cities

  • Content marketing strategy
  • Brand strategy & audience mapping
  • Content production & distribution, including case studies and white papers
Streetcar, Dundas Square - Toronto. Image courtesty of Emile Seguin, Unsplash.

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